Belts – Non Woven Polishing

Surface Conditioning belts give satin finish and have several advantages over abrasive cloth:

  • Steady finish
  • Open structure (non clogging)
  • Long life
  • Wet working
  • Low heat development
  • Low material removing with a good finish
30mm x 655mm Keyway
CX3351261030mm x 655mm Keyway Brown Coarse
CX3351341030mm x 655mm Keyway Maroon Medium
CX3351421030mm x 655mm Keyway Blue Fine
FLEX25001Alloy Pulley Wheel M14 x 2 - Suit Keyway Belt
10mm x 330mm
CX1000605010mm x 330mm Brown Coarse
CX1000665010mm x 330mm Maroon Medium
CX1000655010mm x 330mm Blue Fine
12mm x 457mm
CX1003165012mm x 457mm Brown Coarse
CX1003155012mm x 457mm Maroon Medium
CX1102405012mm x 457mm Blue Fine
20mm x 520mm
CX1101801020mm x 520mm Brown Coarse
CX1101811020mm x 520mm Maroon Medium
CX1101821020mm x 520mm Blue Fine
25mm x 610mm
CX1000821025mm x 610mm Brown Coarse
CX1000811025mm x 610mm Maroon Medium
CX1000801025mm x 610mm Blue Fine
30mm x 533mm
CX1000851030mm x 533mm Brown Coarse
CX1000901030mm x 533mm Maroon Medium
CX1001001030mm x 533mm Blue Fine
40mm x 760mm
CX1001011240mm x 760mm Brown Coarse
CX1001021240mm x 760mm Maroon Medium
CX1001031240mm x 760mm Blue Fine
50mm x 914mm
CX2278461250mm x 914mm Brown Coarse
CX2278381250mm x 914mm Maroon Medium
CX2278111250mm x 914mm Blue Fine
50mm x 1220mm
CX1000711250mm x 1220mm Brown Coarse
CX1000721250mm x 1220mm Maroon Medium
CX1000701250mm x 1220mm Blue Fine
50mm x 1520mm
CX100076650mm x 1520mm Brown Coarse
CX100280650mm x 1520mm Maroon Medium
CX100075650mm x 1520mm Blue Fine
90mm x 400mm
CX1000511290mm x 400mm Brown Coarse
CX1000501290mm x 400mm Maroon Medium
CX2502871290mm x 400mm Blue Fine
100mm x 1220mm
CX1000346100mm x 1220mm Brown Coarse
CX1000336100mm x 1220mm Maroon Medium
CX1000686100mm x 1220mm Blue Fine